Dark Angel

Chapter 4

I can’t believe that a—–e, his ego is ridiculous. I couldn’t

give a f–k what he thinks about me, but the fact that he

think I planned all that to impress him, is a joke, he really

needs to pull his head out of his a-s. Next time I will leave

them all to be f—–g killed, ungrateful b——s. They

would seriously make you want to change side.

After I released my wing and made

myself invisible, I flew to my car. I pulled my car into the

underground garage. I turned my car off, got out and

walked to the elevator. I pressed the button and waited til

the door opened. I stepped in and pressed the button for

my floor. I walked to my apartment, opened the door and

kicked off my heels. I still can’t understand what happened

tonight. Two different groups coming to the surface,

especially the larger group. I have never heard or seen

more than three arrive together. Something is going down

and that p—k knows what it is, he brought a larger group

than usual. It is so f—–g frustrating, I’m in limbo, stuck

between the guardians and the demons, not having one or

the other to find out any information on what’s happening.

I need to figure out a way of getting

information. My only chance is to rile the guardians up

about what is happening and hope they let something slip

or when the next group of demons come, kill all of them

except one and see what I can get out of the demon before

I kill it.

I strip off my clothes and put on a tank top and get

into bed, letting sleep take me. I woke up, got out of bed

and got into the shower. I scrubbed my hair and body

before I got out. I grabbed clean underwear and got my

workout clothes, I picked my blue sports bra, black shorts

and Bluet tank top. I put on my white and blue high. I dried

my hair, straightened it and put up in a high ponytail. I

didn’t bother with any makeup, it will only end up

smudged. I got my bag and put in a fresh towel,my iPod, a

few bottles of water and headed for gym. I need to get

some of this frustration out without killing anyone.

I got to the gym and dropped my bag in

my locker and took my water and towels with me. I put

my earphones in my ears and blasted Jessie j song, wild. I

started off on the treadmills and then the weights, pushing

my body as far as I can. I then went over to the punching

bags and let rip giving the bag multiple combo’s of hits and

kick til my breathing got heavier and sweat began to drip

down my chest and body. I grabbed my towel drying

myself off and grabbed a bottle of water and guzzled it

down. I felt eyes burning into my back, giving me chills. I

refused to let the shiver creep down my back and let this

person know I was uncomfortable under their gaze.

I turned around and started walking

towards my locker, only to meet the eyes of a demon. But

I knew he was no ordinary demon, his presence and

power is flowing from him in waves. He is actually quite

hot for a demon, with dark brown hair growing out from a

tight cut, he has brown eyes, strong features and full lips

with a body packed with muscles. He is wearing a black

shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and black

jeans and boots. A smirk appears on his face because he

has seen me check him out, but that doesn’t hide the fact

he has taken in every inch of my body.

He walks towards me as I got to my locker, I give him a

warning glare, he puts his hands up to show he isn’t going

to be any trouble,

“So your the Dark Angel, I have been hearing about, you

definitely have more of the angel side, your amazingly

beautiful with your dark features compared to the other

angels, it makes you look dangerous and hot all at the same

time” he said.

“What, you came here to chat me up, a higher level demon

like you” I smirked, but it didn’t faze him, he just gave me a

bigger smile.

“No that’s not why I’m here, but I definitely wouldn’t rule it

out, as I said you are hot and dangerous mixed as one,

completely my type, I have come to try persuade you to

join my side of the battle, fight beside me” he said.

“Battle? why would I join your side?” I said, this is my

chance to find out what is going on.

“Ah so your not aware, shows how little the guardians

think of you, we are on the brink of a war my Dark Angel,

they have chosen their army, leaving out the most lethal

weapon they could have, you” he said, as he walked closer

to me.

“That’s why more demons are surfacing and you want me

to fight on your side against my kind” I said.

“Ah but that’s where your wrong, their not your kind, you

are something more powerful than them all together, with

the right training you will be unstoppable, they dont want

you, they have proven that over and over again, you need

to be with people that want and appreciated you for what

you are, not disown you” he said walker closer again to

me, as he places his hand above my head leaning against

my locker, keeping himself a few inches away from me.

“Are you are the one to do that, you see what everyone

doesn’t seem to get is that their opinions don’t matter to

me, my heart turned as dark as my wings a long time ago.

I dont need anyone to make me feel wanted or appreciated,

I’m a big girl I dont need to be treated like a needy child” I

said staring back at him.

“You are exactly want I want and need, I won’t give up on

you just yet, think about it, you are eventually going to

have to join a side and from what I can see, were the only

side that wants you and will appreciated you, I will give you

a couple of days, my beauty” he said as he traced one of

his finger down my arm, before him shimmered out of

sight. I must be losing it, because everything he has just

said has made sense, the others dont want me, they never

have, so why not fight with a side that wants me, plus for a

demon he is hot.

I know I will have to pick a side if it is coming to a war,

but do they really detest me that much that they would

rather die than ask me to help them. I might have black

wings but that is from my vampire side, I’m not a f—–g

demon, even do they treat me like one. But I know the

guardian in me wants to fight for the guardians, but

another part is whispering to me to join the demons, teach

the guardians a lesson for underestimating me and

disowning me with out a seconds thoughts by the

guardians and supernaturals. So why risk my life for theirs,

when I know they would stand by and watch me been

killed without a seconds thoughts. That would make them

happy. Would I really want to fight along side my parents

after they destroyed Ariel and made the Dark Angel exactly

that, Dark and something to be feared, with no emotions

other than hate and rage towards the ones that treated me

like I was nothing, something disguisting that should never

have been born.
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