Dark Angel

Chapter 6

I arrived outside the club less flushed than when I left. I

smiled at the thought of him. I spotted Jake and Liam

waiting outside the club, they must be nervous as f–k if

there waiting outside. I step out of my car and press the

button to lock my car as I made my way over to them. I

caught the eye of nearly ever man standing as they

checked me out as I walked past them. The joys of good

genes from both sides. When they both spotted me they

pushed themselves off the wall and walked towards me.

“Oh thank god, we thought you weren’t coming” Jake said

with a sigh of relief.

I looked at my watch, I was ten minutes lates,

“Seriously, I’m ten minutes late, I have been hours late

before without you two waiting outside for me, you two

have it bad” I said teasing them.

“Dont know what your talking about, do you Jake?” Liam


“Nope, haven’t a clue” Jake said looking anywhere but at


“Okay I believe you” I said rolling my eyes.

“Now that is sorted, lets go inside, I’m getting thirsty” Liam


I followed behind the two nervous wrecks as we gave our

names at the door and walked into the club. The music was

thumping so loudly, I could feel it vibrate through my

body. Dev song base down low, hit my ears instantly. The

club is amazing, with large mirrors every where, dancers in

cages, a big stage where the dj is set up. There are VIP

booths on the upper level and a massive dance floor in the

middle surrounded by booths. There are six different bars

spread out. The whole place is decorated with black and

silver with crystal place around the club.

I turned around to see the

boys standing at the bar ordering drinks. I walked up to

them and Liam handed me a cocktail and my favourite one

at that, s-x on the beach.

“Hmm, thank you, what are you two after?” I asked.

“Emm, if that pack s–t Trish turns up again, will you keep

her away from us, she is scared of you wether she likes to

admit it or not, we can smell her fear. I dont want the girls

to think were into her” Liam said with pleading eyes. How

can I say no when I would love nothing more to knock that

b—h out, mabey tonight will be my lucky night and she

won’t go running scared.

“Yes, of course, but only if you tell me the girls names and

who likes who” I said with a smile.

“Okay, only because we love you and your keeping Trish

out of our way, the blonde hair girls is Rebecca, she is really

quite but funny and witty when she gets use to you, I’m

hoping she is my mate” Liam said.

“The girl with the red hair is Lucy, she is quite aswell but

fiery at the back of it, she is really clever and the nicest

person to talk to” Jake said already looking love sick. The

two girls are beautiful and I think they would be great for

Liam and Jake, they will be good to have lead with them.

Won’t be long til they find out their birthdays are soon.

” There beautiful, I will keep slutty away, go talk to your

girls” I said smiling.

“Were not leaving you alone” Liam said seriously.

“Your not, I’m going to go have a dance, I know where the

two of you are if I need you” I said.

“Okay, but we will be checking on you” Jake said.

“Okay, now go, shoo” I said smiling.

I watched the dance floor as I sipped on my cocktail til it

was gone. I walked back to the bar to get another one.

While I was standing at the bar, I felt a pair of eyes burn

holes in my back. Whoever it is really doesn’t like me. I

turned around to see that b—h from the elevator glaring at

me. If she keeps it up I will end up killing her before the

night is out. I dont play nice with bitches like her. I glared

back at her with a cold unimpressed look. If she knows

what I am, she is f—–g stupid acting like that, cause I

could break her in a second.

I move towards the barrier around the

dance floor but still keep my eye on her and my body is

ready to react if she tries something. I can feel her move

closer to me, so I turn around before she gets to close and

raise my eyebrow at her.

“I need to talk to you” she said in a cold voice as her eyes

were full of disguist as she looked at me.

“So talk” I said, my patience was wearing thin with her


She has dark brown hair, that is straight and tied back, her

skin is pale and flawless like every other vampire, her eyes

were a dull light blue colour, she has a straight nose. Her

lips aren’t thin but not full either. She is tall but about two

inches smaller than me, she is slim with little curves.

“Can we talk outside?” she asked.

“Now why would I go anywhere with you” I said.

“Trust me I dont want to be seen with the disgusting half

breed, but I have no choice” she said.

My patience is nearly gone at this point, but on the up side,

she pisses off at least I can kick the f–k out of her outside.

“Lead the way” I said.

She grunted and I followed, imaging all the ways I could

hurt her. She pushed open the back door that lead to an

alleyway. I can tell she is waiting for someone else as she

looks around.

“Are you going to talk or are you waiting for a bodyguard”

I snapped at her, she isnt so confident now she is outside

alone with me.

“I’m waiting for my mate, you know my beloved,

something I doubt you have” she sneered.

“Yeah cause I have waited my whole life for my beloved,

you are f—–g soft, if you think I am waiting around for

him” I said, been completely honest, I dont want one

because I know he would never accept me, so why bother.

“The Guardians have sent us here, a war is coming and our

number are getting smaller. We need your help” she said

keeping her voice low.

“Excuse, you need my help, the dirty half breed” I said.

“This doesn’t change what you are and what we all think

about you, we only need you because you are stronger

than us all, but once its over you disappear again, that is the

conditions, you get the honour of helping us, we get to win

and then you crawl back under your rock” she said


Is she for f—–g real, are they, they send this b—h here to

ask for my help but there are conditions to it, I get to fight

with them, I dont know where the f–k she thinks its a

honour to me, I’m bare the warriors mark and to expect

me to help them then disappear again. They have lost their

f—–g minds.

I laughed, I could see how good she thought this offer is,

that she is someone so important because she fights beside

the Guardians. I heard footstep get closer til the shape of

man appeared. Must be her beloved, but nothing could

have prepared for him, he is six ft two, with jet black hair

that is done into a Mohawk and spiked up, he has deep

green eyes, a straight nose, full lips with black stubble. He

has pale skin but he is packed with some serious muscle.

He is wearing a tight black t shirt, black combat trouseras

and boots. He is gorgeous, but that not what caught me off

guard, he is my beloved. I knew the minute he saw me he

knew I was his beloved.

“This is the Dark Angel, Marcus” she said.

He looked shocked, but it didn’t take long for him to show

his true colours, his eyes changed from love to disguist in a

split second, as he glared at me. I would say it hurt but I

would be lying, I have prepared myself for this a long time


“So I take it you have told her why were here and what the

conditions are” he said looking at her. She turned her head

and smiled at him and that’s when I saw their marks, he

had already mated to her before he even laid eyes on me,

what a moron.

“Yes I did” she said.

He faced me and raised his eye brow, as he looked at me

like I was filth,

“My answer is no” I said while trying to keep my temper in

check over their f—–g conditions.

“What do you mean no” he said glaring along with her.

“What part can’t you understand, do you honestly think

that I would let you use me and toss me aside when I’m

done because you think it would be a honour for me, go

f–k yourselves, the demon made a better offer than you” I

said as I turned my back to walk away. I could feel him

approach me as he moved to grab my shoulder.

I grabbed his hand and felt sparks race

through me, but they had no effect. I flipped him and while

he was in the air, I gave him a round house kick, hitting

him straight into his stomach. He hit the wall at the end of

the alleyway with a thump, he dropped to the ground as a

few broken bricks landed on him. I saw her run towards

him and check to see if he is okay. She glared and ran

towards me, I blocked every punch she aimed easily, I sent

my palm into her chest hard sending her backward til she

hit the ground.

He crawled over to her to see if she is okay, as he looks up

at me shocked, he actually thought I wouldn’t hurt him

because he is my beloved, what an a—–e. I walked

towards them, letting my full power and anger radiate from

me til they were cowering.

“Don’t ever try to touch me again, I will break every bone in

your body, shove your offer up your a-s, if they want me

so f—–g badly, next time send the commander not his

puppets, sending you two was just a f—–g insult” I said

staring straight at him. I could see love in his eyes, but its to

late, he didn’t wait for me nor did he see past the black


“I will be coming next time, I’m the warrior, so I can only

go with the commander” he said.

“Your the warrior, well then you are all royally f—-d, I had

you down before you could even blink” I said, I turned

around and showed them the warrior mark, anyone can be

called a warrior but its different when your an angel and

you have the mark of one.

“This is a warrior mark, not one f—–g tattooed on your

neck, I might be called a Dark Angel but I am still the

warrior” I said, turning and walking towards my car, I have

had enough s–t for one night.

“Oh by the way, I see either of you near my apartment

again, I won’t hesitate to kill you” I said.

I got into my car and put my foot to the floor and sped

towards my apartment. I pulled into my parking space and

made my way towards the elevator and pressed the

button. I stepped in as the door opened. I pressed the

button for my floor. I walked towards my apartment door

and opened it. I kicked off my shoes and walked towards

my fridge grabbing a few bottles of wicked and made my

way towards the lounge. I took the cap off and turned on

the tv as I took a drink. I can’t believe this, even when they

know they need me, they still act like I should be ashamed

of myself, who do they think they are to ask for help but

under conditions, they get what they want and act like I

dont exist after that. Even if I dont join the demons its going

to take a hell of alot to join the guardians and help them.

Thank god I didn’t have

myself all built up for my perfect mate, he acted exactly

how I thought he would, but what I’m surprised at is that

he was already marked as her and he marked her as his.

That I didn’t expect. They both obviously know their not

each others beloved even tough they act like it. I expected

him to have more of an effect on me but he hasn’t, mabey

its because he is already marked.

I finished off a few bottle of

wicked and headed for my room. I took off my dress and

makeup, I put on an oversized jersey and pulled the clips

out of hair and let it fall down in loose down my back. I

crawled into bed and closed my eyes, but it wasnt my

beloved face I saw, it was Brax’s.
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