Dark Angel

Chapter 3

I walked out of the club laughing and joking with Liam

and Jake. I separated from them as they got into their car

to head home. I opened my car door and sat in, turned

on my stereo and blasted imagine dragon, radioactive

through my speaker. I was about to pull out when I

heard a message from the Archangel, more demons are

coming to the surface, that is strange, two groups

arriving on the same night. That has never happened. I

pulled out and headed for the graveyard. I could already

tell there are guardians here and some supernaturals.

Must be a large group. I made myself invisible as I release

my wings. I rose from the ground and landed without a

noise on top of a temple. I watched as the guardians and

the others prepare from the arrival. I could only see the

back of the other supernaturals, I can sense that one is

werewolf and the other a vampire.

I stayed still until the entrance

started to appear, there is four guardians and the two

supernaturals. That’s a large group to arrive at one

entrance. I was absolutely shocked to see eight demons

step through the entrance. That is the largest group I

have ever seen come to the surface. They normally

come in twos or three’s, less suspicious looking. The

guardians and demons began to fight straight away, but

the demons are getting the upper game already. They

won’t like me helping but they make suck it up or they

will end up been killed.

I dont have my sword but I can emmit my

black light through my body and into them, killing them.

I stood up and stepped of the roof, landing silently on my

feet. I’m kept my invisibility as I ran towards the fight. I

moved up behind one of two demons that were fighting

and getting the better of the vampire. I snapped his neck

and held onto him as I brought my black flames to the

surface and sent them into the demon as the flames

spread up his body. I turned around and looked to see

who was struggling. I smirked to find the almighty

commander of the guardians struggling to stay upright. I

moved towards the demon as he knocked the

commander on his a-s as he was now towering over

him with an evil smirk. I moved quickly but the demon

sensed me and moved. I dropped my invisibility and

showed myself. I could see shock appear on the demons

face but he then covered it. We began circling one

another, trying to anticipate the others next move. He

moved in first, as he aimed a punch to my chest but I

moved quickly as he punch went through the air

connecting with nothing. I aimed a elbow to him temple

and make contact making him stumble from the amount

of force I used.

He looks pissed now, as he crack his neck and turns to

face me. He moved at an unnatural speed towards me, I

used his speed against him and aimed a kick to his chest

that had him flying back into the graveyard wall breaking

it as he landed at the other side of it. I ran towards him,

while he is down, I stood over him and let my black light

engulf him and send him back to hell. I walked back into

the graveyard as my shoes crunched over the concrete.

Instead of them been grateful and thank me for saving

their pathetic asses, they were standing in a line in front

of me glaring at me as if I was something that crawled

out of the pits of hell. I smirked,

“Dont all rush at once to thank me” I said meeting their

glares with my own.

“We had it under control Dark Angel” the commander


“Really because if I’m not mistaken you were flat on your

a-s about to be killed, if that’s what you mean about

having it under control, then yes, you definitely had it

under control from the ground” I jeered.

“We are more than capable, we dont need help from you

of all people, its amazing how you turn up when there

are more demons, how do we know your not part of

this, to make yourself look good” he said with his own


I walked towards him and stopped when our faces were

inches away,

“I dont give a f–k what you think about me, so I’m

hardly going to try impressed someone I couldnt give

two fucks about, you should really pull your head out of

your a-s, your not half as impressive as you think you

are” I said as I walked past his hitting him hard with my

shoulder causing him to stumble back.

Just to piss him off more, I released my large black wings

as he grunted with disguist, I turned my head to the side,

I gave them a smile and the middle finger before I let my

wings rise me up into the darkened sky.
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