Dark Angel

Chapter 2

I looked in the mirror, double checking my outfit. I had on

my favourite pair of leather legging, red stilettos, a red belly

top and a lace tank top over it that fitted perfectly. I left my

black hair down and straightened it. My done my eyes with

black eyeliner, mascara and a light shade of black

eyeshadow just swept over my eye lid to make my blue

eyes stand out, a light amount of blush and red lipstick. I

might kill demons but a girls got to have a life too. I have a

couple of close friends who are werewolves.

They took the time to get to know me, not just my label.

My own parents walked away from me. They were the

perfect parents til my sixteenth birthday, like werewolves

who shift at a certain age, angels get their wings at

sixteenth, but we are born with our marks, so we grow up

training and preparing for our roles, we each have a direct

link to the Archangels, they send the messages to us telling

us when demons are close to the surface and where they

will be entering from so the ones that are closet go to stop


When the day came for my wings to come, I was so

excited, my parents expected great things from me, my

marks show I should be the highest ranking guardian, a

warriors, my marks are extremely rare, only two other

guardian have ever held them marks, the last one that had

those marks was born centuries ago. But when they saw

my wings that all changed. I could see shame and disguist

clearly on their face. That was hardest thing I ever had to

witness, my own parents disappointment in me for

something I couldn’t control, it destroyed me completely.

My parents had to bring me to the Archangels, custom for

all angels who have received their wings, so they can be

introduced to the other guardians and start training. That

moment changed my life, the innocent Ariel died that day,

Every word they said killed her. I was humiliated in front of

everyone, disowned by my parents because I was no

longer aloud to fill my role, I wasnt a light angel, I was a

Dark Angel, someone to be feared,I was deemed evil in one

sense, unfortunately that name has stayed with me, all I am

know as to the other guardians is the Dark Angel, they have

never used my true name Ariel after that, I was proud of

my name because it stood for protector and that is what I

am. But now instead of hiding from it and been ashamed, I

embraced it and made my heart as dark as my wings. I

promised myself that day, that I would fulfill the duty I was

born for, regardless of what they thought. They tried to cut

the link but it stayed, just proving I was born for this. I

trained every day and closed off my feeling from that day

on. I will never let anyone’s words hurt me again or strip

away the person I am. I am stronger than them inside and

out. All I was given from my family was a bank account

with enough money to live on for life, payment to keep me

away and not bring more shame to them. I didn’t ask to be

born but I fight everyday to live and prove to them and the

others, I am every bit the warrior I was born to be.

I shook my head and let the memories fade, that’s not my

life anymore. I put on my leather jacket and grabbed my

car keys as I walked out of my apartment. I pressed the

button on the elevator and waited. The door opened and I

pressed the button for the basement. I stepped out of the

elevator and walked towards my baby, my white Audi A4

with tinted windows, and chrome finish. I opened the door

and sat in, I turned the key and listened as it purred to life. I

turned my speaker up and listen to Rita Ora, R.I.P. I

reversed out and spun the wheels as I sped out of the

garage and onto the road. I parked outside the V2 nightclub

and got out. I looked at the cue and smiled when I saw

who was on the door, no waiting for me. I walked across

the road and saw Jack spot me and step aside to let me

pass. I gave him a smile and kissed his cheek.

I walked in as the music thumped through my body. Tinie

Tempah, Frisky blared out through the speakers. I walked

to the bar and ordered a vodka and coke. I took my drink

and walked over to the railing as I looked for my two

favourite wolves. I spotted them on the dance floor

surrounded by mass of women, big smiles on their faces.

Liam is alpha and Jake is beta of The Lunar Pack, on of

highest ranking packs in the world. I pulled back from the

railing and made my way down to the dance floor. When I

got close they both turned around to face me with big grins

to the women around them disappointment. I received

glares from every direction. What these bitches dont realise

is, I couldnt give a f–k what they think. Their little glares

dont affect me in the slightest. I give my two wolves a big

smile, as Liam pulls me towards him giving me a hug while

kissing my forehead, when he lets go Jake wraps his arms

around me and squeezes.

“Hey beautiful, you made it, I was beginning to think you

weren’t going to come” Liam said.

“As if and not see my two favourite men, that will never

happen” I said laughing.

These two men are my everything, they are the only ones I

have let in, they looked after me even when I tried to push

them away. I was determined to stand on my own feet

and prove I can look after myself, that I didn’t need anyone.

But after weeks of constantly been by my side regardless of

what I did, I told them what I am, the shameful Dark Angel,

but that didn’t faze them. They still wanted to be around me

and protect me, they didn’t look at me with disguist, they

looked at my wings with awe, not once ounce of fear.

Since then they have become my family, my true one. I

am the little sister they never had and their my brothers I

always wanted. Liam and Jake haven’t found their mates

yet, hence all the girls flocking around them hoping one of

them is theirs. I can’t blame them, there two of the

sweetest guys I have ever met, yeah they like the attention

and to flirt, but once they find their mates I know all that will

stop. They have waited long

enough to find them. Their twenty and twenty one, were

most werewolves find their mates on their eighteenth

birthday. It could just be that their mates are younger and

haven’t turned eighteen yet. I have noticed their attention is

alway going to two girls in the pack, one will be eighteen

next week and the other a week after that. I’m hoping its

them, they are sweet but shy girls who don’t throw

themselves at other men. Unlike the b—h that is making her

way over towards us. I can hear both Liam and Jake groan

at the sight of her, she is a nasty mouthed s–t.

“Oh look who we have here, the boys little pet” she sneers

looking me up and down.

“ah look what we have here boys, the pack s–t, you

should turn around and walk away, the boys never need

your services, or haven’t you figured that out yet” I said.

“Your just jealous because no one wants a nasty mixed

breed like you, your own parents didn’t even want you”

she said with a smirk.

“wow, that would hurt if I had a heart, but this nasty mixed

breed would have no problem showing you what I’m

capable of, just say the word” I said getting in her face, she

has said all that more times than I care to remember, she

has never gotten the reaction she wanted, so I dont know

why she bothers, she doesn’t even know what I am, just

that I’m not a pure vampire.

I watched her try to save face, she knew I meant what I

said, I dont make empty threats.

“Whatever b—h, as if I would lower myself to fight dirt like

you” she said with a smirk, but fear was rolling off her in


“So were sticking to the usual, you turn around and walk

away with your tail between your legs, one of these days

you won’t be walking away” I said with my eyes fixed on


I dont know why she bothers, all of us can smell her fear,

so she isn’t exactly making herself look good. But then

again she never makes herself look good, sleeping with that

many wolves and humans has given

everyone a good idea of what she is, her mate when she

finds him is going to find it hard to deal with all the men

that has had her before him. She hasn’t got anything to

offer him.
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